StarCraft Universe: a MMORPG created by fans

There are many reasons why you may be excited about StarCraft, but a group of dedicated fans hope that with the launch of StarCraft Universe they will bring more players in the virtual universe created by Blizzard.

The new MMORPG created by fans inside StarCraft 2 had a very complex story. It was initiated in 2011 as a similar RPG, from a point of view with Diablo. It would be very complex, and to some extent if the planets lined up, it would appear to attract some of the players who have worked so much in World of Warcraft. Unfortunately, when you base the entire game on someone else intellectual property, in this case Blizzard, you can’t expect things to proceed in a very smoothly way. Precisely for this reason, they took many negotiations with the company behind the original StarCraft so that the new MMORPG to materialize and can go out on the market.

Fortunately, the result is now online in open beta format, and those from the Upheaval Arts have every reason to be proud of their performance. Unfortunately, if you are excited about what you see, you can’t be compelled to pay for this experience, given that at the base it is still a Blizzard product. Precisely for this reason it would be good to take advantage of the project Indiegogo to make a donation and to motivate developers to continue the game.

Since about this game I have no more news for you, allow me to talk you a little bit about StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, the game behind this project.

In this particular game, Kerrigan finds herself in the laboratory, almost disinfected and after several tests, grabs an exchange of saliva with Raynor. She hasn’t forgotten how the emperor wanted to leave her to die in the first StarCraft therefor she wants revenge. At any costs, as you will see further in the game – I don’t want to give you more details, I am letting you the pleasure to discover by yourself the beauty of this game.

To sum up, my little article I want to say to you just one more thing. I am hoping that the project will succeed, but until then we have many StarCraft to enjoy.

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